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Parent Mentor Program

Parent Mentors provide support for parents involved in the Child Protection System by helping them navigate their way through what can be an overwhelming and challenging process. A Parent Mentor will work with parents for the duration of their cases with child welfare and child protection--which can range from six months to more than a year--and help them remain connected with services afterward.  Because we have firsthand experience, we can walk parents through every step to reunification or the best possible outcome for their family.

As parents pursue reunification with their children, our goal is to assist them in learning and applying effective parenting skills to maintain their reunification. 


Our services are FREE and as a neutral party, we are an ally you can trust.

Practical and Emotional Support

  1. Navigating the Process: We inform you on what to expect and attend court dates and meetings with you.

  2. Navigating Your Case Plan: We make sure you have a voice.

  3. Connecting You with Resources: We help you access community services.

  4. Coaching on Parenting Strategies: We share tips and insights on how to  protect your child’s well-being.

  5. Offering an Empathetic Ear: We listen, support, plan, and problem-solve with you.

Protective Factors

In addition to aiding parents through the legal process, Parent Mentors help families establish healthy environments for their children by using five protective factors:

  1. Parental Resilience

  2. Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development

  3. Social and Emotional Competence of Children

  4. Social Connections

  5. Concrete Support in Times of Need

Learn more about Protective Factors ->

Parent Mentors
Parent Mentors St. Louis County

We are passionate about working with parents who need help with solution-based ideas, resources, recovery services, and finding hope, the kind of hope that comes from LIVED EXPERIENCE!

If we can do it, so can you and we will SHOW YOU HOW!


Parent Mentors are currently available in the following Minnesota counties:

  • Hennepin

  • Ramsey

  • St. Louis

  • January 2024
    January 2024
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