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Helping Minnesotans achieve stable housing is the primary goal through our Housing Services at Minnesota One-Stop For Communities. We do this by providing a safe and secure housing option that includes food, utilities, and household supplies; while providing services to individuals to better the quality of life and encourage personal growth in finding stability and education in living self-sufficient lives.

Success Stories...

Denae Dutrieuille

Denae Dutrieuille

I landed in Minnesota One-Stop for Community's program at a very low time in my life. One of the requirements to get approved for Group Residential Housing was to get a referral from a social worker, in which the one in question was giving me a VERY hard time. So, I did what I knew to do. I called Larene. By the time she got off the phone, I had my referral IN HAND! This is only one of many examples of what Minnesota One-Stop has done for me in the 3-4 years I was a part of the program. The staff will fight for you, hold you accountable, and walk with you into overcoming homelessness. I am forever grateful.
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