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Lighthouse Way 

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We provide emergency shelter for women with or without children in a clean, safe, and supportive environment. We provide nourishing meals, have a caring staff, and active support from case managers to help secure long-term housing while basic needs are being met. We treat everyone the same as some of us have been where you are.

Homelessness can happen to anyone.

As of 2021, approximately 11.6% of Americans were living in poverty. Housing insecurity is not limited to a certain "type" of person. It can happen to virtually anyone at any time. 

The number of sheltered individuals with chronic patterns of homelessness increased by 20% between 2020 and 2021. This is a challenge that we and many others are tackling with full heart and compassion. For those with no safe place to go or are in need of emergency shelter, we provide a warm, secure place for homeless women and children to stay.

Working through Housing Barriers

Lighthouse Way Emergency Shelter has had success in housing individuals who are the hardest to house including:

  • BIPOC individuals experiencing chronic homelessness and a myriad of other barriers such as poor credit, derogatory rental history, criminal history, substance use disorders, child protection involvement and low income

  • We did this through relationships we have developed over the years with landlords who were willing to house people experiencing these hardships

  • Because of this network, we were generally able to house someone in less than 30 days

  • We're able to keep them housed because we provided hands-on assistance through experienced Housing Navigators and Housing Case Managers

Additional Services

We provide supportive programming such as:

  • Coaching on how to be a good tenant

  • Creating a household budget

  • Shopping with a meal plan

  • Household organization and cleanliness

  • Assistance to transition to another shelter or securing permanent housing

"This is my family's first time staying in a shelter and while there, staff were real welcoming and kind and made sure we felt comfortable."

Shelter Resident 2023

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